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Turning A Niche Market Into A Paradigm Shift

"We are dedicated to bringing together those who produce and consume the very best life has to offer, yet also have a keen desire to preserve natural resources, protect human rights and respect heritage conservation. Sustainable luxury is inspired innovation rather than compromise. It is the celebration of the Art of Living, sharing its pleasure and enjoyment while giving back to the planet and its people."

Milena Cvijanovich, Founder


Founder of the eponymous architecture & design firm, Milena Cvijanovich follows her passion for creation. From large-scale buildings to decorative table accessories, she thrives at reinventing function and style while integrating sustainability. Milena has led prestigious projects such as the EMEA Headquarters for Logitech and Autodesk and the campus expansion for Aiglon College, the well-know British boarding school in the Swiss Alps. Winning a number of substantial contracts through architectural design competitions, Milena has private clients and international companies that include Blancpain, Intrawest Resorts, Beaurivage and Beaufort Hotels and private residences worldwide.

Milena creates environments and objects imbued with the flavors of her travels. A nomad at heart, she explores the world for new materials, exciting techniques, exclusive products and exquisite craftsmanship which she integrates into her projects at many levels. Her deep respect for her client's needs and wishes, gives her brand the reputation for consistently delivering spaces and products that reflect and interpret their visions, often going beyond their expectations. Her admiration for the natural environment & human achievement compels her to find solutions that empower artisans & preserve natural resources.

Milena guest lectures at MBA programs internationally on Sustainable Luxury Innovation and contributes to Forbes Magazine. She has a double Bachelor's degree in Political Philosophy and Art History from Wake Forest University and a Master's in Architecture from Carnegie-Mellon University and has been the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards. She has been featured in prestigious magazines for her unique approach to lifestyle design. Milena is based in Monaco when her nomadic spirit is not taking her on yet another design journey or off to work on a project on site, as varied as a boutique resort concept in Bhutan, a residence to be designed in Sidney, a study for a new building in San Francisco or an outdoor furniture collection to be produced in Morrocco.



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