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True to our nomadic creative spirit, Milena Cvijanovich enjoys working on projects across the globe, spanning 5 continents and over 15 countries

Founded by architect Milena Cvijanovich, Milena Cvijanovich Designs is an international. innovative, sophisticated and slightly rebellious ultra luxury architecture & design brand, built on the vision of a new global lifestyle embracing personalized experiences, advanced, inspiring architecture & design, and socio-environmentally responsible approach to construction and manufacture. Milena Cvijanovich Designs has brought its unique creative flair and flowing functionality to all fields of lifestyle design from marine living to urban lofts to cozy chalets and sumptuous chateaux as well as bespoke furniture, lighting, accessories and art curation.


Milena Cvijanovich Designs imbibes every project with the WOW factor, from micro-detailing to large-scale. Elegant & timeless, our products & services surprise & delight while setting the stage for our clients to express a bespoke lifestyle & celebrate the Art of Living & Receiving.


Milena Cvijanovich Designs revels in revisiting concepts & story-creating around a project. Rather than accepting a brief or given at face value, we begin with a brainstorming session whose goal is to challenge the status quo & discover fresh angles & new perspectives in form, function & experience. Story-making is a critical process for us to interpret, for the client to make decisions and moves us all to action.


Milena Cvijanovich Designs pushes limits & bends the rules to reach new horizons in design, sustainability, & user experience. We constantly research & integrate new materials, methods & technology. We craft new experiences to delight our clients & end-users. We strive to surpass ourselves & create new benchmarks with stunning forms, daring details & simple glamour.


Milena Cvijanovich Designs brings added value rather than disruption to a chosen location or product. We uphold the four pillars of responsible living: planet, people, place and profit. We thrive on the challenge of creating a beautiful, functional design, while respecting the environment and forming lasting ties with the artisans & manufacturers without whom our designs would remain concepts.


We attend to every detail. Discipline and rigour in our structure allow for fabulous freedom in creation and flawless functionality.