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To know physics I create the cantilever that begins to define space yet hovers around it, darting, retreating, surging.
To know psychology I mould the feelings of the space, the void, the wall- colour and black - the colour of nothing and the shadow of everything.
To know history I acknowledge tradition. To know science I celebrate materials.
To know ecology I create among trees of a hundred years, listen to the river.
To know cultures I find inspiration in the rice paddies of Bali and the water gardens of Persia, in the shelters of Japan and the motifs of the Mayas.
To know sacred geometry I give reason to dreams.
To know Life I make architecture to be a beacon and the garden to be its soul...

Excerpt from the AB Ward Gold Medal speech given by

Milena Cvijanovich , Wake Forest University 1987


Milena Cvijanovich Designs upholds the idea that Luxury and Sustainability have many similar values and that Luxury can become the portal to Sustainable Innovation.

  • Unlike the Prestige industry whose predominant goal is quantitative due to mass production, the Luxury industry has qualitative rare excellence as a goal.
  • Luxury & Sustainability both uphold heritage, tradition and intangible assets
  • True luxury is the enemy of the throw away society
  • Real luxury is aimed at the creation of value, through rare and unique singularities such as no-delocalization.
  • Far from exploiting unskilled labour forces, as does the mass fashion industry, either directly or through its licensees, luxury brands must sustain skilled forces and even recreate schools to revitalize crafts and talents which are disappearing.
  • Thanks to the means available in the Luxury sector, we can experiment and create with new materials and methods that strive to respect our resources and enhance the lives of the craftmen and women.

As early as 2009 at the Sustainable Luxury Conference of the International Herald Tribune, François-Henri Pinault, Chariman and CEO of PPR stated:

« should be exemplary, in the sense that it should set an example, the best example. Luxury has this vocation, as much as it is a catalyst to dreams, a creator of trends. In this respect it is often visionary, revealing the way forward. »