Living the Sustainable Luxury Lifestyle

We are The Glamorous Nomads – unceasingly inspired in our travels and encounters by the fabulously limitless concept of Sustainable Luxury.

Is sustainable luxury an oxymoron? On the contrary, from preserving exquisite, nearly-lost craftsmanship in a hidden valley in Bhutan to promoting a new technology or art that turns waste into gorgeous luxury materials, this exciting duality carries the seeds of resource preservation and community-building needed in our world today with a touch of glamour that can attract the most valuable players. The potential for a high-end lifestyle to embody and encourage a sustainable co-existence is enormous.

Luxury and Sustainability, the two words in this lifestyle trend, share common ideals. Both have respect for rarity, the notion of time and the importance of heritage. Both can be about creation, education, about pleasure, authenticity and emotion. And both can be sexy and trendy. Today, we are harnessing these qualities so the two may join forces.

The Glamorous Nomads are dedicated to bringing together companies and individuals who produce and consume the very best life has to offer and are keen to become better guardians of our beautiful planet and its inhabitants, yet without compromising on comfort, pleasure and esthetics.

We cover aspects of lifestyle from architecture and design to travel and tourism, all inherently luxury oriented, but based on the pillars of sustainability.

Upcycled products will soon be on your “absolutely fabulous, must have” list. An age-old craft combined with cutting-edge eco-technology will create the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for in your home. Our stories of hidden gems and intriguing activities will have you explore unique getaways in a new light. Enjoy our posts and see the world as your oyster – to cherish, admire and partake in, guiltless.

We are the Glamorous Nomads – welcome to our World.

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