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Milena Cvijanovich Designs creates objects, furniture and lighting, often in direct relation with an interiors project. We design integrated furniture as well as one-off and bespoke pieces. We also work in partnership with brands to create limited edition pieces.

We produce our furniture and accessories in all four corners of the world as well, each time discovering another culture and new talent. We have been fortunate to work with skilled artisans and exciting new technologies in places like Turkey (weavers, carpenters, leather craftsmen...), Argentina (weavers), Bali (silversmiths, furniture builders), and Iceland (fish leather producers), Switzerland (high-tech precision) among so many... (read more in Milena C's World)

In the coming 18 months the founder of Milena Cvijanovich Designs, Milena Cvijanovich and her son Luca Muller Cvijanovich will open the first showroom of products. To learn more, sign up for our Showroom News